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What are ancient grains?

Worshipped by ancient civilisations, ‘ancient grains’ are traditional grains that are grown by different communities around the world.

Unlike modern grains, which are the product of thousands of years of selective breeding, ancient grains are little changed from their original form. Many varieties are pseudo grains - not actual grains - but seeds, such as chia, quinoa and buckwheat.

Why use ancient grains?

Often described as ‘super grains’, ancient grains are naturally nutritious and contain the goodness of the whole of the grain. Many people choose ancient grains because they are tired of the same wheat products day in day out. Variety isn’t just about exploring exciting new flavours and textures but creating balance in the diet by incorporating a broader range of ingredients, each offering a unique nutritional profile. Ancient grains contain protein, fibre and a variety of micronutrients. Many ancient grains are gluten free, making them an ideal food for those on restricted diets.